Rural IncomesVecinos Honduras is a non-profit, non-governmental organization based in Tegucigalpa. Our goal is to facilitate equitable and participative processes of holistic human development with families and organizations in rural communities; promoting the sustainable use of local resources, food sovereignty, moral and cultural values, community health within the framework of the protection of nature and environmental improvement for the benefit of current and future generations. Our approach is based on strengthening local capacity for sustainable development at both the individual and community level and avoiding external dependence.

Our current programs focus on: sustainable agriculture, including farmer experimentation and farmer-to-farmer promotion of successful technologies; preventive family and community health improvement with community participation; facilitating access to public services specially for women and children and adoption of good hygiene practices and eco-technologies are also strategic activities; strengthening existing local organizations to take responsibility for local development.

In July 2011, Vecinos Honduras joined Groundswell International, a global partnership of civil society organizations, NGOs and resource people in Africa, Latin America and Asia that work on their own and collectively to strengthen rural communities.